10 Luxury master bedroom colors

5-formal-roomThe master bedroom as any part of your home deserves to get full attention when it comes to details and design. It should have a relaxing and leisurely atmosphere. Hence, choosing the right colors for this room should be done with caution. We all love to choose colors that we like; it is the fun part in decorating a room. However, it can also be stressful at some point especially if you want to tie down a scheme with your bedroom furniture and accessories. Remember, that not all colors can complement with the other.

Today, we gathered photos of master bedroom designs with different colors to help you choose which color to pick. It varies from modern, contemporary to eclectic, but these designs suggest one thing – tranquility. After all that is the main purpose of having a master bedroom, right? To have a peaceful retreat from our busy lives brought about by our day-to-day activities. We know that choosing the right palette for your master bedroom is not a simple task, so if you may, you could also seek advice from color experts or professionals. But if you are looking for inspiration, here are 10 Master Bedroom Colors that can give you the relaxing mood you want.

1. Sweet Olive

This Spanish Olive on the walls matched with bluish-grays on the furniture projects a light and classic mood. This color scheme is so calming.

2. Peach

Are you in for a subtle, fresh and romantic color for your master bedroom? You can try a monochromatic scheme of peach. It’s simply pretty and inviting.

3. Teal

Teal and gold combination for a master bedroom is an exceptional choice; the colors add cheerful, fresh yet welcoming and warm atmosphere.

4. Ice Blue

Get a casual yet elegant feel in this color scheme-ice blue, black and white. Keep the colors simple while the luxurious accessories take care of the punch in the master bedroom.

5. Charming White

This is a perfect combination of different variations of white to keep the room from being too stark and dull. Creamy white walls, crisp white curtains, mix of different patterns and textures with a punch of black make it a relaxing and soothing haven.

6. Chartreuse

An unusual appealing color. Chartreuse, yellow and white color scheme provides a serene yet refreshing feel in a master bedroom.

7. Duck Blue

A lovely combination of duck blue and gray! The color scheme creates a modern flair with soothing yet cool atmosphere.

8. Chocolate Brown

Chocolate-colored walls and sumptuous textures create an inviting and comfortable feel while the decor and accessories give a cottage charm.

9. Sage Green

Update your master bedroom with the lighter shade of sage and highlight it with purple accessories like this area rug for a modern touch.

10. Evening Hush

A sophisticated color scheme of charcoal gray, white and yellow! The deep gray exude a feeling of drama and elegance while the contrasting effect of yellow and white makes it vivacious.


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