Bellumina Interior Design Studio is a subsidiary of Bellumina Lifestyle (LLC), a Home design, Improvement and Property Company that provides the incorporated advance services across the luxury home & hospitality industries. We provide interior/ build design, property sales and development services. We manufacture bespoke furniture and retail household/ decor items.

Our core competence is “Luxury Interior Design & Decor” and Consultancy. We demonstrate success by transforming client ideas into beautiful, functional and comfortable design solutions and we have experience in leading design projects from start to finish on time, on budget and with excellent quality. We offer expert home staging; commercial and retail designs based on skills developed as licensed Interior designers.

Our past projects include a hotel, a backpacker, various homes and commercial properties design, decoration and project management of some of these contracts.

Our key contributions on projects are completing design concept and color scheme choices for the client, developing entire design concept including fixture/furniture choice, space planning and architectural details; ensuring code compliance, commercial grade of all fabrics and finishes; and delivering of last presentation. We are known for ability in completing all drafting project including floor plans, elevations, mood boards, sample boards, renderings and construction drawings.

Founded in 2005 by Cassandra Okotie, a trained interior designer and artist who is a graduate of BHC School of Design, Cape Town, South Africa, Bellumina Design gives her best with the teamwork of seasoned designers and decorators, artisans, and a legal counselor.

Our focus is at the mid to top end of the luxury home sector. We work with established developers, builders and luxury homes products manufacturers. With 9 years’ experience in the industry, we are experts at what we do.

Our Vision is to help people live in comfortable, stylish, luxury homes on a budget.

Our Core values are Quality, Uniqueness and Excellence.




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