How To Create A High-End Look In Your Home 2

Spa_Living_Room_by_zodevdesignI’m always trying to help my clients find ways to make their homes look more expensive, even when they are working with a modest budget.  There are lots of ways to make your home appear richer and more luxurious that don’t have to cost an absolute fortune.  With a few design tricks, you can make your house feel like a million bucks!

I guess the clutter is out by now or almost out… we can move on to our next step. If it is your first time in here, you might want to read our earlier post “How To Create A High-End Look In Your Home 1“. Now the clutter is gone and we have a clean organized slate to work with, we can move on to our next agenda… Planning

Step 2: Planning.

Your home is your safe haven and sanctuary, this is a place that is truly yours, so don’t hesitate to make your reflection. It is time to create spaces that nourish the eye and nurture the soul. Planning is the fastest way to get your home project to completion without any mistakes that will cost you more. Get a piece of paper or notepad and a pen and follow the following guidelines:

1. Define your personal style. Gain confidence in your choices, and express yourself through the decoration. You need to figure out what works for you and what don’t. Decorating is not about putting a great look together but one that makes the user comfortable in the space. Make a list of your needs and functions of each space going from one room to another putting in mind your desired style. When done, move to the next agenda.

2. Take stock. Take a good look at your present decor and decide what needs a face-lift and what stays the same. What should move around and what maintains its place. What do you need to add to this space? Can it be purchased at a second-hand store or Can you DIY? Whatever the case maybe, write it down. Go through all rooms and then move to the next thing.

3. Budget. This is very important. Decide how much you need to work the entire house or apartment putting in mind all your options… Costs to reclaim furniture, paint job, DIY materials, EVERYTHING.

4. Prioritize. In descending order, decide the most important room to the least important. I always like to see each room as important but for its unique purpose. When this done, you already have an idea which room to start with as this is a gradual redecorating process.

5. Set timelines. This is the work schedule for the project. When do you want to start and end? Decide how long you would spend on each room. Mark them on your calendar and make it as realistic as possible. You really don’t want to get disappointed.

Now we are ready for the real deal… Little secrets and tips to help you make your home look high-end.


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